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Re: more woes with my debian install: booting edition

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 8:45 AM, Mark Neidorff <mark@neidorff.com> wrote:
> Hmmm.....OK.  I didn't see your first posts, so lets do some basic stuff.

thats ok, thanks for the help!

> 1. Did you do a media check (sha1sum or whatever) on the install CD?

nope. though during my troubleshooting of debian 6.0.2 i used my
"known to be working" debian 5.0.2 install disk and received the same
results. black screen after installer menu.

> 2. Can you please state what your PC specs are for CPU, RAM, video and
> interfaces?  (IDE, USB, etc)  Does the CD that you downloaded match your
> hardware specs?

dual dual core amd opteron 2.6ghz 64 bit
tyan s2915 main board
12 gig ram
nvidia quadro 5600 vid card
3 sata drives, boot drive partitioned with half windows XP 64bit and
half debian squeeze < --- operating system with errors.
yes, i downloaded the amd64 arch.

> 3. What evidence do you have that the PC hardware is not at fault?

windows runs 100% fine. gparted boots from live cd, in the process of
testing a unbuntu usb live os.

> 4. Have you tried a complete reinstall?

no, install leads to hanging black screen infinity after install menu
option is chosen.

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