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Re: more woes with my debian install: booting edition

On Saturday 03 September 2011 8:20:29 am jeremy jozwik wrote:
> right, there is no ACTUAL error that i can see. nor is there anything
> more in the monitors output. [LCD]. also i only got any of that
> because i booted from grub with the recovery mode option. otherwise
> after the grub portion of the boot sequence all i can see is a
> flashing _ _ _ _
> forever...
> > I'm also not clear about if you are ever able to boot normally into
> > linux, or if the computer is totally unbootable.
> > 
> > Mark
> i have been having issues with the debian install for a while. every
> option in the install menu would result in a hanging black screen.
> that is until i got a response from the mailinglist, tried to install
> again and it worked. changed nothing in the steps i took during and
> leading up to the install.
> after the install i got about 6 or 7 happy boot ups into the debian
> os. even installed cinelerra.
> now i cannot boot into it. gparted livecd will boot up, which did not
> happen during the install woes i was having.

Hmmm.....OK.  I didn't see your first posts, so lets do some basic stuff.
1. Did you do a media check (sha1sum or whatever) on the install CD?
2. Can you please state what your PC specs are for CPU, RAM, video and 
interfaces?  (IDE, USB, etc)  Does the CD that you downloaded match your 
hardware specs?
3. What evidence do you have that the PC hardware is not at fault?
4. Have you tried a complete reinstall?


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