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Re: [OT] SATA 3TB: unsupported sector size -1548812288.

On 31/08/11 20:08, Lisi wrote:
On Wednesday 31 August 2011 06:54:11 Scott Ferguson wrote:
There is no
compatibility or other reason I know of that would force one to
stay on

KDE 3.5.10.

Actually ^^ Lisi(?) that's not a restriction - it can be be run on

How?<skips excitedly>
:-) :-D

Well... it's not easy, and probably not sane. Leave it with me for a bit and I'll dig through my notes and try and write a useful guide.

and then there's Trinity.

I know.  I have a Squeeze box running Trinity, but not my desktop.  Trinity is
not yet *completely* production ready, if, like me, you cannot code yourself
out of trouble.

I've had it in production of some Asus Eee PC 701SDs for about 6 months now - no complaints from the users. The only problem I had was that Konqueror doesn't automatically refresh. In the mean time I've become very happy with KDE4 (mostly).

It's already great for many purposes, and I was glad to see the change of
policy from "bring a new version out every six months, willy nilly" so that
problems never really had time to be solved and everything was released at
the beta or even alpha stage (à la Ubuntu (is Ubuntu feminine?) - Timothy
Pearson is a Ubuntu user) to "not released until it is ready".

De-coupling from Ubuntu can only be a good thing. The reason people want Trinity is stability.

It is a marvellous project and I follow its progress eagerly.  I am really
grateful for the time and trouble of those in it who are able to code.  I
would already use it for some of the people whom I support, whose usage is
different from mine.  But there are one or two GUI apps that I sometimes use
as root, and most can not be used as root in Trinity.

If necessary, I shall just have to live without them if that is still the
situation when support for Lenny is withdrawn.  But I have a few months yet,
and I was intending to raise this issue on the Trinity users list in the near


Agreed that it's a great project (worthy of a donation).
More proof that Open Source is a great development model.

I suspect support for Lenny will run for a long time yet - and for many purposes a separate firewall will provide security if and when patching stops (I've heard Sarge is still used on some dedicated devices - and gets patches from the manufacturers).


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