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Exim4 configuration with rewriting for smarthost

For a week I have been searching without success for a guide to
configuration of Exim4 for a personal system which utilizes the
smarthost of an isp to handle outgoing mail and a web hosting service
to host a web site.

In this scheme -- which I think is not atypical -- three different
user names are involved, as well as a hostname which is not a FQDN.

Here are the particulars:


(1) software:

      => Debian Squeeze

      => mta = Exim4

      => mua = mutt

(2) localhost:

      => hostname = "beepbeep"

      => username = "wec" (the initials of user Wile E. Coyote)

(3) isp mail servers:

      => isp smarthost = "smtp.roadrunner.net"

      => isp pop3 server = "pop3.roadrunner.net"

      => mail is fetched by getmail from:

           (1) the pop3 server of the isp, and

           (2) from the pop3 server of the web hosting outfit

      => mail username = "wileecoyote@roadrunner.net"

      => mail password = "hungry"

      => In order to agree with the web site, outgoing correspondence
         should have the From: address "wiley@acme.com" (and not
         "wec@acme.com", and not "wec@beepbeep").

(4) web site hosted by a web hosting outfit:

      => URL = "www.acme.com"

      => mail address associated with the web site = "wiley@acme.com"

      => reply-to address for web site correspondence = "wiley@acme.com"


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