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Re: [OT] SATA 3TB: unsupported sector size -1548812288.

On 31/08/11 05:54, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
On 8/29/2011 11:58 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 30/08/11 13:52, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
On 8/29/2011 2:50 PM, Lisi wrote:
On Monday 29 August 2011 19:32:05 Stan Hoeppner wrote:
There is no
compatibility or other reason I know of that would force one to
stay on

KDE 3.5.10.

Actually ^^ Lisi(?) that's not a restriction - it can be be run on Squeeze, and then there's Trinity.


Oh, it's certainly possible, with a backported or self built kernel, but
most people posting here aren't into rolling their own kernels. If the
OP who posted the question rolls his own kernels he would not have
posted the question.

gpd partitions have been supported in kernel for a good while, ext4 is more recent though.

Also, I've not taken a full dive into the issue of 3TB drive support,
but I'm guessing it would require much newer fdisk, parted, cfdisk, etc
than what ships with Etch or Lenny.

From memory the limit fdisk is/was 4TB - but that is just a (dos) partition type limitation. gpd has no such restrictions.


I would make an educated guess that entities exercising system level
change control policies probably aren't using Debian, but using a
commercial distro such as Red Hat or SuSE.

Different education system... ;-p

The back-up to the same drive example was a paid support RedHat, though, unsurprisingly, they saw it as a breach of their SLA - and weren't aware the production web server was also being used as a desktop :-(

I frequently find Debian deployed in gov departments and defence contractors - it's also on the list of "approved" builds for the major telco (who have paid SuSE/Novell support) - seems to be very popular in engineering divisions.

I suspect you mean "proper *nix sysadmins"... I come across "sysadmins"
running servers from machines they use as desktops (they also backup to
the same machine).

Well, the latter aren't sysadmins. There aren't "proper" and
"non-proper" sysadmins, only sysadmins. ;) Such folks as you describe
fall into a lesser category of IT grunt. Feel free to pick your own name
for them.

I carefully avoided the word "professional" - to some, being paid means they are professional. I've also been told Debian is not a professional OS...

NOTE: I got well side-tracked here - I'm don't know whether the OP's problem is partition table type, sector size (some new drives use large sectors?) or some other reason.


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