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Re: Sun Java plugin invalid in Iceweasel? (sid)

31/08/2011 02:37, Todd Pytel wrote:
> After doing a rather lengthy sid upgrade (it's been a few months, at
> least), my Sun java plugin is no longer working in Iceweasel.
> Alternatives is set correctly and Iceweasel sees the plugin, but it's
> marked INVALID in pluginreg.dat and never loads. I Googled around a bit
> and it seems like Firefox 6 and the v6u26 Sun Java package are supposed
> to work OK, but it's hard to tell for sure given the many platform and
> distribution differences. Any ideas? If this is just the current state
> of affairs on Sid, is there another Java plugin that's functional? I
> tried the icedtea one, but it seemed to have a dependency issue with
> xulrunner that prevented installation.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.
> --Todd
> Machine: Sid, i686
> Iceweasel: 6.0-4
> Sun Java: 6.26-3

Hi, see #636514 regarding the icedtea-plugin dependency problem (with
xulrunner), it's a nice piece of a bug report :-/ .

Regarding sun-java6-plugin I don't know, but Oracle is forbidding
redistribution of his java soon [1], so better fix icedtea anyway.


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