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Sun Java plugin invalid in Iceweasel? (sid)

After doing a rather lengthy sid upgrade (it's been a few months, at
least), my Sun java plugin is no longer working in Iceweasel.
Alternatives is set correctly and Iceweasel sees the plugin, but it's
marked INVALID in pluginreg.dat and never loads. I Googled around a bit
and it seems like Firefox 6 and the v6u26 Sun Java package are supposed
to work OK, but it's hard to tell for sure given the many platform and
distribution differences. Any ideas? If this is just the current state
of affairs on Sid, is there another Java plugin that's functional? I
tried the icedtea one, but it seemed to have a dependency issue with
xulrunner that prevented installation.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Machine: Sid, i686
Iceweasel: 6.0-4
Sun Java: 6.26-3

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