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Re: Nook Reader on Debian PC?

On 31/08/11 06:06, Thomas H. George wrote:
I have a pdf text which is hard to read.  It occurred to me to try
installing the Nook reader to see if it would improve visibility.  The
Barnes&  Noble web site has downloads for Windows, Mac, iPads and
Android tablets and phones.  I downloaded the Windows version and
installed it with Wine but have not got it working correctly as yet.

Has anybody already done this?

Yes - waste of time (IMNSHO).
Installing Linux *on* a Nook is a good idea though ;-p

Seriously - Calibre is (much) better for general e-book reading and management. Okular is better for plain pdfs.

You might want to check what fonts the pdf requires - it may be it doesn't use embedded fonts - in which case it will pick from your system fonts (which is where the "hard to read" bit may come in).


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