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Re: Google earth doesn't display anything on my Debian Wheezy amd64

On 15/08/11 03:14, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Mon, 15 Aug 2011 02:39:53 +1000
Scott Ferguson<prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>  wrote:

Hello Scott,

Mesa-utils is not needed - they just allow you to test and check your
OpenGL settings - and if you don't have the basic mesa packages
installed, they'll pull them in.

Yes, so  understand having re-read your previous post.  However, even
installing the packages that mesa-utils would have pulled in didn't help
me out as was implied by your post.  Unless I mis-read it, of course.

You probably didn't misread it - it's well past my bedtime here, and I've basically been responding to the original poster (X Hu).

There's three way to install Nvidia:-
1. download and build their drivers, which I recommend only for the
legacy cards (which I use because I have a large quantity of GeForce2
2. use the Debian non-free drivers - which you've used, they require
the nvidia-glx-ia32 packages

Maybe, but those -ia32 packages, as Patrick points out, aren't
dependencies, so don't get installed automatically.  Even if they're
"recommends" (I didn't check, so don't know) they won't get installed
here, as I have that option turned off.

They're not "recommends" although they probably should - they enhance core functionality. But you can certainly live without them (it's fairly rare for me to make use of them).

3. the nouveau drivers which some people speak highly of

I always thought that, due to limited functionality of the nouveau
drivers, using googleearth with them could be a painfully slow

I was attempting to be diplomatic when "I said some people speak highly of" ;-)

Anyhow, thanks to the help of both yourself and Patrick, my ge install
is now handled within package manager land, rather than being (yet
another) custom installation.

It's one of the reasons I recommend only using the proprietary (download from nvidia) driver when using the legacy cards - or the very latest. If I was of assistance it was, and I regret, inadvertent. IRC, email, and work, combined with lack of sleep don't make for useful support :-/


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