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Re: Google earth doesn't display anything on my Debian Wheezy amd64

On 15/08/11 01:41, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Sun, 14 Aug 2011 22:20:03 +0800
H Xu<xusubsc@gmail.com>  wrote:

Hello H,

I don't know which package could unblack googleearth, I've installed
mesa-utils and using nvidia proprietary drives. I don't know how to
figure out what the package is. Could anyone offer me some help?

mesa-utils and/or dependencies didn't work for me.  I suggest you try
Patrick's suggestion of the nvidia-glx-ia32 packages.

Mesa-utils is not needed - they just allow you to test and check your OpenGL settings - and if you don't have the basic mesa packages installed, they'll pull them in.

There's three way to install Nvidia:-
1. download and build their drivers, which I recommend only for the legacy cards (which I use because I have a large quantity of GeForce2 MX200s) 2. use the Debian non-free drivers - which you've used, they require the nvidia-glx-ia32 packages
3. the nouveau drivers which some people speak highly of

IMNSHO the best guide is:-

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