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Re: Google earth doesn't display anything on my Debian Wheezy amd64

On Sunday 14 August 2011 05:22:27 H Xu wrote:
> Hello,
> I've installed the latest stable google earth from the google-earth's
> official website, and installed all of the dependencies. However, when
> the google-earth starts up, it doesn't display the earth, but an empty
> black region. Despite this black region, other part of google earth
> works well.
> It might be caused by something related to Qt or OpenGL, but Stellarium,
> which is also based on Qt and OpenGL, works well for me.
> I'm using Kernel 3.0.
> Wish anyone could offer me some help.
> Thanks for your patience and time.
> Regards,
> H Xu
> 08/14/2011

You could try to install it from debian using googleearth-package. Works fine 
for me. But first remove whatever you installed.

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