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Re: Unidentified subject! (wireless installation problem)

On Fri, 12 Aug 2011 14:30:40 -0700, gnubayonne-debian451@yahoo.com wrote:

> I started another install, had the same problem not detecting my WPA
> network. It still couldn't detect either of the two unprotected
> networks, even when I specified their ESSIDs.

WPA won't work. WEP encrypted network should, unless they have additional 
security messaures (like MAC filters). Can you successfully connect to 
those WEP APs from a LiveCD on the laptop you are trying to install?

> Pulled from the syslog, here you see it finding the firmware:


Loading the firmware is the first step for setting up your wifi. There 
can be still lots of problems after that...
> Aug 12 20:50:02 kernel: [   85.368183] Registered led device: iwl-phy0::assoc
> The last 6 lines above repeated at least a dozen times in the syslog.
> then later when I'm trying the different networks:


> Aug 12 20:54:13 main-menu[430]: (process:5459): udhcpc: has been called with an unknown param: leasefail
> Aug 12 20:54:13 main-menu[430]: (process:5459): Read error: Network is down, reopening socket


> The first six lines above repeated about a dozen times, don't know if
> that's related to the other repeating lines earlier.

>From a full installed system, you have more margin to debug this, like 
scanning for visible APs using "iw" but here your options are very 
> From Camaleón's comment, it sounds like using a wireless network to do
> an install is generally a problem, has anyone had success with a
> wireless install? I'm worried if I ever need to reinstall when I'm not
> in my home, it would not work. I don't know if I could get a wired
> network port away from home.

It does not have to be a problem, but I would avoid it as much as I can 
because a wifi link can go down or break very easily and there are no 
tools for monitor the quality of the wifi link from the installer. If you 
can install from DVD or USB, I would go that way.



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