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Re: squeeze freeze while copying from camera mem card (via USB)

On Fri, 12 Aug 2011 22:28:59 +0300, Itay wrote:

> After upgrading to squeeze from lenny I cannot copy photos from the 8GB
> memory card.  Worse: the computer freezes, I lose the mouse and the
> keyboard (attached via USB) and have to make hard-shutdown. I can mount
> the file-system, but very quickly it will appear as if it was never
> mounted: cd, ls, etc., will not work.

Does it happen when copying the files using GUI-based tools (like 
nautilus or dolphin) or it also happens when you use MC or console?

> So far using same camera and connection with another card didn't produce
> that effect.

Mmm... the card can be wrong, you may think in replacing it or 
reformat :-?
> Using both cards, same camera and connection, on another machine + lenny
> doesn't produce this effect either.

Does the same card work on you rsqueeze system when using a card reader?



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