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Re: Hardware - Boot issues: No post

On Tue, 09 Aug 2011 17:23 -0400, "Mark Neidorff" <mark@neidorff.com>
> I don't know where you are located, but consider carefully....you may
> have 
> toasted the A) RAM B) CPU C) mltherboard D) all of the above E) something
> else 
> that is bringing the entire system down.  By putting potentially broken 
> components into a good system, you can also toast components on the good 
> system. This will cost you more than taking the system into a reputable
> repair 
> shop and having them diagnose the problem(s) for you.  I recently did
> that and 
> I considered the $70 diagnostic fee to be cheap because then I knew
> exactly what to replace.
> For future reference, you are best off if when doing something with RAM,
> you get a complete matched set of memory.  Don't mix and match.
> Mark

I'm in Canada and I believe the problem didn't happen due to the
electrical supply. As per my earlier message the mobo (at least) seems
to be toasted at this point.

I agree with your suggestion on memory. I thought that I would
underclock it to match my older DDR3 RAM which is 1333 with the new one
(1600). The easiest way would have been same brand and same specs.


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