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Re: Hardware - Boot issues: No post

On 8/9/2011 2:30 PM, KS wrote:
> On Mon, 08 Aug 2011 23:47 -0500, "Stan Hoeppner"
> <stan@hardwarefreak.com> wrote:
>> On 8/8/2011 6:59 PM, KS wrote:
>>> I shut down the machine and tried to boot it with just the Mushkin RAM.
>>> Same beep sequence followed.
>> If you put the Mushkin back in the original sockets, then you likely:
>> 1.  Damaged the mainboard PCB when inserting modules
>> 2.  Lodged a screw, or something conductive, shorting the board
>> 3.  Got dust, debris in the DDR socket shorting some pins
>> 4.  ??
>> BTW, attempting to boot without a video device will also cause beeps.
>> You removed your PCIe vid card.  Does this mobo also have onboard video?
>>  If not, put the vid card back in before attempting to power it on.
>> If it boots with the Mushkin in the two original sockets, but not with
>> one stick in the "other" socket for dual channel operation, then other
>> that socket is likely bad, or has something tiny wedged in between pins.
>> -- 
>> Stan
> Thanks Stan. The motherboard has onboard video. But the behaviour of the
> machine is the same with or without the PCIe video card.
> And the machine does not boot anymore with any of the RAM modules.
> Assuming that all the memory modules were not zapped together, it is
> quite likely the CPU is toast. I can only check this using another
> machine like this. I might be able to do that tomorrow (and some
> memtest86 too).

I doubt you fried a CPU due to swapping DIMMs, unless static discharge
was involved.  Did you use a static strap, or grasp the chassis with one
hand while inserting the DIMMs with the other?  Many people ignore the
static threat, simply due to ignorance or not reading instructions.

I assume you disconnected the PSU power cord while swapping the DIMMs.
If you did not, the board was still receiving +5VSB from the PSU.  If
you did not, disconnect the power cord, pull the chassis cover, insert
the two original DIMMs where you had them previously, reconnect the
power cord, power on the machine.  Some boards don't like having
components swapped when +5VSB is present.  If this works, power down,
pull the power cord, and add the two new DIMMs.  Insert the power cord
and power on.  Maybe you'll get lucky.  If not, we trudge on until we
find the actual source of the problem.


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