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Re: Hardware - Boot issues: No post

Thanks for the pointers.

> I doubt you fried a CPU due to swapping DIMMs, unless static discharge
> was involved.  Did you use a static strap, or grasp the chassis with one
> hand while inserting the DIMMs with the other?  Many people ignore the
> static threat, simply due to ignorance or not reading instructions.

I do take care to avoid any static charge. Always go touch the metal
part of kitchen tap before starting working on PC and then keep and hand
on the metal part of the case as long as possible. Working only on wood
floor and not in the carpeted room.

> I assume you disconnected the PSU power cord while swapping the DIMMs.
> If you did not, the board was still receiving +5VSB from the PSU.  If
> you did not, disconnect the power cord, pull the chassis cover, insert
> the two original DIMMs where you had them previously, reconnect the
> power cord, power on the machine.  Some boards don't like having
> components swapped when +5VSB is present.  If this works, power down,
> pull the power cord, and add the two new DIMMs.  Insert the power cord
> and power on.  Maybe you'll get lucky.  If not, we trudge on until we
> find the actual source of the problem.

The PSU was not disconnected but turned off from the switch on the PSU.
I make sure that when I buy one, it does have a switch on itself rather
than common practice of many manufacturers to take that off to save

Today's results:
1. Old RAM is working that I could use that in another machine and it
booted up fine.
2. Switched CPU and it works as before without any issues. Good old AMD
Phenom II X4 970BE
3. Memtest is running on old RAM just to be sure.

Tentative conclusion:
My ASUS motherboard is fried and I need to RMA it :( that means another
couple of weeks of wait time.

Will test motherboard after memtest.
Tahnks again.

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