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Re: Hardware - Boot issues: No post

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 09:47 +0900, "Joel Rees" <joel.rees@gmail.com>
> Just out of curiosity, ...

hmmm.... I like that...

> Have you used a flashlight to check under the motherboard and other
> places for dust, lint, loose screws, etc? Lots of things you won't see
> without a flashlight.
> Have you taken a vacuum cleaner to the slots and, well, everything?
> (Carefully, of course.) Even just a year can be enough to build up
> quite a bit of lint and dust, and those tend to "break" electronics as
> quickly as anything. Vacuuming can often be a quick cure for a lot of
> things.

Agree 100% a layer of dust or lint on electronic components makes them
very likely to go bad much before expected time. My usual routine is to
clean my machines every 2months or so. Cleaning means using compressed
air/vaccum cleaner in the box. Fan blades should be wiped manually if
too much dirt. This not only improves the life of components by better
air circulation and heat dissipation but also reduces the noise the fans
> Just make sure you're careful about static electricity, and avoid
> knocking off parts, vacuuming up delicate parts, or bumping things and
> "mis-adjusting" them, especially very low reactance coils (single, or
> even half-loop coils, and single-plate air capacitors) which you may
> not recognize as such at first.

Vacuum is usually above the box to *eat* up the dirt/lint dislocated by
compressed air from the can. Vacuum cleaners are notorious to keep all
the static charge so as to kill any sensitive electronic component.
> Have you used an eraser to clean the fingers of your memory boards?
> The original ones, especially.
> Again, be somewhat careful to avoid letting the eraser knock parts off
> the board and such. And make sure you hold the board so that the
> eraser dust doesn't fall into or under parts.
> Joel Rees

Had done that and it didn't help. Probably because I just got the
motherboard in January and hence is quite new.

I'm quite happy with all the suggestions from the list. As always, a
well informed lot lurks d-u.

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