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Re: Wheezy: how to disable SSH gnome-keyring by editing desktop configuration file

Hello List:

On 02/08/11 00:10, Paul E Condon wrote:
On 20110801_230130, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

Indeed, because I would suspect that a lot of packages depend on gnome-keyring
as I could read on Google. But as only a `minimal' Gnome is actually
installed on my box, it appeared that no package depends on it.
OT: Gnome sounds heavy to me, and I plan to migrate to an alternative
sooner or later.


In Squeeze, Gnome key-ring can be disabled in the drop down menus by
going to

System->Preferences->Startup Applications

Then look under the Startup Programs tab
There you will find three check boxes that mention GNOME Keyring in
their description line.
Un-check them, Close, and re-boot

According to the README.Debian of `gnome-keyring', this is also
supported in Wheezy.

This does not actually remove gnome-keyring, but it does allow lower
level system software to handle SSH keys, for instance.

Yes, but is it a per user set up, not a system wide set up.

things that are only available in GNOME should be the first step in
transitioning to a less heavy GUI. Your control over GNOME features
can't be anything but less reliable in the foreign environment.

What is it meant by `foreign environment' ?



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