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Re: Wheezy: how to disable SSH gnome-keyring by editing desktop configuration file

Camaleón wrote:
> Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> > Finally I applied a brute force solution: I purged gnome-keyring.
> Wow, how drastic!

I disagree.  If the package isn't useful then removing it is very
likely the easiest solution.  Why frustrate yourself trying to work
around the problem when removing the problem is a good solution too.

Coincidentally I just recently ran into this very same problem myself
but hadn't spent time to understand the problem.  Reading this thread
and seeing that gnome-keyring is the package causing the problem I am
planning on testing that solution for me.  If it works then that is
the solution I am going to implement.  I will file a bug report at
that time though so that the package problems can be addressed.


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