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Re: Wheezy: how to disable SSH gnome-keyring by editing desktop configuration file

On Mon, 01 Aug 2011 20:33:45 +0200, Jerome BENOIT wrote:

> On 01/08/11 20:19, Camaleón wrote:
>> On Mon, 01 Aug 2011 20:02:56 +0200, Jerome BENOIT wrote:
>>> On 01/08/11 19:53, Camaleón wrote:
>> (...)
>>>> Should you have removed/renamed
>>> If I remember well, this causes trouble.
> I meant removing the `/etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-keyring-ssh.desktop'

Remove or better yet, move it to another place. Is just a ".desktop" file 
to be run system wide, so if you don't want the associated app to be 
started for all of the users, the only way I'm aware for doing it so is 
precisely that :-)

>> It shouldn't, at all. Is what README file says (removing the involving
>> elements from the menu so they don't run at start-up).
>>>> -or edited accordingly to do not start- the system wide
>>>> "/etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-keyring-*.desktop" file I think it would
>>>> have been enough...
>>> It was looking to do so, but I got no clear answer.
>> Testing is sometimes the best master :-)
> Indeed:
> my test was just to see if my box could survive without gnome-keyring
> (and the associated pam module) as I do not really need it. I do prefer
> to play with libpam-ssh : my box survived, and ssh-agent is lauched by
> libpam-ssh as before but with not interferences.

Ahhh, you never know when you may need it until is too late, you know, 
Murphy's law >:-)

>> You run "gnome-session-properties" and remove the check for the desired
>> "gnome-keyring" entries. Then you look at the ".desktop" files of your
>> user profile and see what have changed to apply the same settings to
>> the system wide ones.
> It likes there are a lot of way to disable, what let me think that is a
> big machinery that I wanted to avoid.

It's okay, I won't be the one forcing you to keep "gnome-keyring" X-)



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