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Re: k3b can't burn audio CD, got a few coasters today

On 13/06/11 04:22, H.S. wrote:
> On 12/06/11 07:18 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 12/06/11 11:01, H.S. wrote:
>>> On 11/06/11 07:52 PM, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>>>> On Sat, 2011-06-11 at 19:37 -0400, H.S. wrote:
>>>>> On 11/06/11 07:21 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>>>> On 12/06/11 08:48, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
>>>>>>> Sorry, I can't help you, but perhaps there's a better way to eject a CD.
>> <snipped>
>> For the following suggestions try using a single 16-bit WAV file - this
>> will make testing quicker, and, hopefully, remove the chance that the
>> error is occurring during the "convert to WAV process" or TOC creation.
>> Let me know if you'd like me to direct email you a WAV file.
> Thanks for the offer of helping with a wav file. I converted my mp3s to
> wav files using soundconvertor, edited the wav files' tags in k3b and
> burned the disc. Went quite well.

Ah! Bingo!
You have isolated (proven) the problem. :-)
Empirical evidence is so much better than a mere emotional investment! :-D

> Now, I am not sure what to read from this. I was, after all, able to
> burn mp3 files directly to make an audio CD a few times in the last few
> days.
> I suppose I need to repeat the experiment with another set of mp3 files
> and see how it goes.

As your log showed - the problem was occurring very early in the audio
cd creation process. Your failed attempt never got as far as the image
creation process - well short of actually beginning the burn - which
meant the problem was occurring during the creation of the image (that
later gets burnt to the device).

>From hazy memories:-
Organize order of tracks
Create cd text (hence my suggestion to disable)
convert music files to 16-bit WAV with incremental numeric in names to
organize structure
TOC (?)
make image
continuous write of image

Disclaimer: be very wary of relying on my hazy memories. :-(

>> Does Nautilus have an option allowing you to create an audio CD image file?
>> If so try it. (let's try and isolate the CD/DVD drive from the list of
>> factors)
>> If not,try burning another audio CD (from you dwindling stack of blanks)
>> using Nautilus.
> Not worried about the coasters as much as I am about the reliability of
> the Debian system that I am used to.

Not too worry. Debian is as reliable as ever!
"If you break it - you can keep both pieces"
"Under-promise - over-deliver"
"If you don't like it - fix it yourself" ;-p

> I couldn't find an option in Nautilus to make a an audio cd. I gave up
> on Nautilus for this task.

I use KDE - no DE, so I'm not offended ;-p

>> Try setting K3b to the lowest speed and burn an image only,without cd
>> text enabled.
> That I haven't tried yet. Well, actually, I did try a fixed speed of 40x
> or so (instead of the top 48x) and got the same problem. Maybe a much
> lower speed will be one of the experiments.

I meant much slower eg. 2x
Doesn't matter as it was always unlikely (unless the log was wrong) that
the error was during that part of the process.

>> I see a couple of weird things in your K3b log:-
>> Sense flags: Blk 0 (not valid)
>> (and as noted by tv.debian) the fifo error - which shows the failure is
>> very early in the audio cd creation process. Follow his (sic)
>> suggestions - I'll have a read of your reply.
> I will try losf and fuser next time.

top could also be instructive.

Need to find out which package/s do/es the mp3 to WAV conversion. That
is the step where the problem is taking place. Based on what I have
installed on my system it could be sox, transcode, ffmpeg, toolame or
twolame. My first "guess" would be sox - but in case it isn't obvious, I
really don't know.

A guess is not a good starting place to continue isolation testing from.

*Perhaps someone on this list could post the answer to what K3b uses to
convert mp3s to WAV files in order to create audio cds??*

Anyway - once you know what package does the conversion - you need to
then test the conversion step.

eg. you find out mpg321 is used:-
Create a test directory.
Copy all the mp3 that you used for the unsuccessful audio cd burn into
the test directory.
Change the mp3 files names to numerical names that correspond to the
order you wish them to occur on the audio CD. eg. 000.mp3, 001.mp3 etc.
$ mpg321 -w whatever.mp3 whatever.wav
Then you'd need to use cdrecord or similar to test burn them. I'd avoid
using the package that K3b uses just in case the WAV creation is not the
only problem.

>> I'm reasonably certain it's not a permissions or group membership problem.
> So am I, since in that case I would get the problem every time.

Yes. Agreed.
I "suspect" it's your mp3 files - that's why I'm suggesting you do the
tests with the ones that failed to burn. Lame is pretty good at
conversion but the WAV format required is tricky - also the size can be
an issue.
Soon as we determine what K3b uses for the conversion we can move to the
next stage of fixing the problem.

By the by, what DE do you use?
I believe K3b is one of the finest GNU applications - probably better
than any other CD creation application - so I seriously think about
removing Nautilus - and I'm reasonably sure that's would remove most of
Gnome. Alternatively some knowledgeable poster could advice on how to
change association so that K3b is the default handler for CDs.


We all pay for life with death, so everything in between should be free.
 ~ Bill Hicks

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