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Re: Help About Squeeze

Am 12.05.2011 09:40, schrieb Thierry Chatelet:
> On Thursday 12 May 2011 09:14:48 Markus Neviadomski wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Thats sound like a fake, sorry. A single-core CPU with a some piece of
>> RAM as file server for 200 users? No...
>> Buy a new hardware with 4 or 6 cores, 16GB RAM and a raid controller and
>> some disks. Then copy your data from the old system on the new raid
>> system and everything is fine.
> Big help you are giving here! Maybe money is not the most common thing in 
> Aldyth's country, and resources are used to their last extend.

He wrote something about a partly broken harddisk or file system.
However, he has to buy some new disks. And by that, he could establish a
small software raid or use the big solution, a hardware raid controller.
Fileserver w/o backup and w/o working raid cause sleepless nights.

And the costs of hardware could be igored, if you have to recover broken
or lost data w/o raid or backup!

> So, Aldyth, are you running any desktop like kde, gnome? On my pc kde power 
> managment set up itself by default to put everything to sleep after some time. 
> I had to reset everything to previous setting. By the way, I think there is way 
> for reporting a bug against powermanagment because it reset the settings every 
> time it is updated.
> Thierry

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