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Re: Help About Squeeze


Thats sound like a fake, sorry. A single-core CPU with a some piece of
RAM as file server for 200 users? No...

Buy a new hardware with 4 or 6 cores, 16GB RAM and a raid controller and
some disks. Then copy your data from the old system on the new raid
system and everything is fine.

Am 12.05.2011 04:17, schrieb Aldyth Maharsha:
> Hi list i'm sorry if my english too bad :-)
> I'm using debian squeeze 2.6.32-5-686 #1 SMP running in machine AMD
> Sempron(tm)   2800+ with 1GB DDR
> I'm having trouble, my debian squeeze i'm using for samba file sharing
> and 200 user access that. My user using server for data sharing, myob,
> etc.
> My trouble is my server like "sleep" and if it's sleep i cannot ping,
> ssh and anything from another computer, to "wakeup" my server i must
> hit any button in the keyboard(server keyboard) and i can ping again
> and after 10-15 minutes it is sleep again. I'm using two harddisk,
> 80GB(system and home partition but system and home partition located
> at different partition), 160GB(user data sharing like office file,
> accounting file).
> At second harddisk(160GB) have partition error but i can't using fsck
> because if i'm running fsck force it is can delete the important data
> because my backup server not running(down) and i must backup manually.
> My log file like syslog and kern.log did not show any error, it is
> running like my system is normal, i'm check with lsof +D /var/log my
> ryslogd runs well. My question is what causes my debian squeeze act
> like it?, i'm using debian from sarge, etch, lenny and i have never
> encountered this problem and i'm believe debian still best linux
> distribution i'm ever have..:-)
> Any idea list?, thanks before for helping
> Best Regards,
> Aldyth M

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