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Re: FullHD notebook support under Debian (sid)

2011/4/30 richard van beers <richard.van.beers@gmail.com>
Strange, I could not select linux at Dell anymore, but I sure can still at HP.
If I search Dell for "Linux" some models do show, seemingly having
once been offered with Ubuntu 10.10
Im searching in the Dutch market btw.
My searches: Sony, Dell, HP and Lenovo. 
No Linux anywhere, no way to get rid of Windows.
Brazilian sites...

Five years ago they offered Ubuntu, Suse and Red Hat options... 
At least the option to have no OS pre-installed (and paid)...

The best supported chipset seems to be Intels mobile express. HP also
offers Suse enterprise models with ATI Radeon
HD 5470, HD 6370, 6470M


On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 5:46 PM, Leonardo Ruoso
> 2011/4/30 richard van beers <richard.van.beers@gmail.com>
>> Look for HP/Dell models that can be shipped with linux. Note the
>> graphics chipset. Then research those for other users experiences.
> Interesting -> I've tried to configure a notebook now at both Dell
> (http://www.dell.com.br) and HP (http://www.hp.com.br) sites ant they won't
> let me choose any Linux or even allow me to buy it without Windows 7
> anymore.

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