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Re: FullHD notebook support under Debian (sid)

On 04/30/2011 09:44 AM, Leonardo Ruoso wrote:
2011/4/30 Camaleón<noelamac@gmail.com>


FullHD is 1080p (progressive) so you will need a laptop that can handle
that resolution natively (1920x1080). Almost any of the laptop
manufacturers have models for home, multimedia and entertainment that
will fit your FullHD needs (Sony, Toshiba, HP, Asus....).

Sure... I know... just don't know how to figure out before buying and trying
if a FullHD Sony notebook will work with Debian. No need to work without
kernel recompilation. I'm specially concerned about opengl/graphics
acceleration. The vesa driver is not a real option.

If 1920x1080 is what you want/need, then look for a laptop that uses Nvidia.

Note though, that the current trend is for a combo of Intel IGP for low-power needs + Nvidia for gaming ang video. Currently, though, only the most bleeding edge .39 kernels and x.org versions support it.

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