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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

> Jochen Schulz wrote:
>> Geronimo:
>>> As every of my drives had an installed grub in mbr,
>> Ok, I forgot that. (BTW, I find this setup really strange, but if it
>> worked in the past with grub2 it should of course continue to work.)
> LOL - let me clarify, that this setup has not been created by intention. 
> I tried to change root to another SSD, but I never installed grub to the other 
> 6 drives. 

Then I would try to rule out that the system boots from the wrong MBR,
if you didn't already overwrite it.

>>>> 1.) A fresh installation from debian 6.0 netinst CD results in an
>>>> unbootable system, even using a single partition installation target.
>> Ok, that's great! I would say that makes you eligible to file a bug
>> report against d-i. :) Can you diff the grub.cfg against the one
>> generated by 6.0?
> How should I do that?

It should be possible to use CD/DVD1 of the 6.0.0 installer and prevent
upgrades from being installed. The easiest way is probably to unplug the
network cable during installation.

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