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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 2:30 AM, Geronimo <geronimo013@arcor.de> wrote:
> Andrei Popescu wrote:
>> Too bad, now we can't investigate what was wrong. Just for the archives,
>> here's an excerpt from a working grub.cfg from a fresh squeeze install:
> Ok, I attached a bunch of info files from my current grub2 setup, which is not
> working.
> I additionally added the grub.cfg from ubuntu, which is working.
> Hope you can extract the info that leads to the bug.

I looked quickly at the squeeze and maverick grub.cfg's and the grub
root and system root UUID entries are the same so that shouldn't be
the problem.

At what point does booting from squeeze's grub does the boot process
fail? And what's the error (if any)?

(I sent an email earlier and proposed a 40_custom change. You might
need to add "insmod part_msdos" and "insmod ext2" to what I've posted.

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