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Re: How to change the style and background of the Squeeze login screen?

On 23/03/11 17:25, Rick Thomas wrote:
> No offense intended to anyone involved, but I don't like the stars and
> spaceships look of the new Squeeze login screen. Tastes differ, and my
> taste differs from that.

I like it, but I'd like to be able to change it...

> In Lenny I had a bunch of options for the login screen and could almost
> always find one that fit for the particular machine I was installing. 
> But now, with gdm3, I seem to be stuck with stars and spaceships.
> I tried installing gdm, which (as expected) wanted to replace gdm3
> (which was fine with me) but it also wanted to delete a *whole* *bunch*
> of other stuff as well.  I have no idea if I need that other stuff -- or
> am I just as well off without it?

Kind of depends on what constitutes "stuff".... :-D

Either temporarily set up an /etc/apt/apt.conf with recommends=0, or use
aptitude with the -R, you'll probably find that kdm will come away
cleaner then. Definitely check before you follow my suggestion - I
haven't tried removing gdm(3)

> Is there some easy way I can get my login screen options back?
> Thanks!
> Rick

No, and yes ;-p
I had the same question, but lacked the time to confirm the answer.
Looking in System settings I found where the option to change the login
screen is but found it disabled - and was informed (from memory) that I
was using a theme, so couldn't modify it.
So you should just have to either modify the theme, or remove it.

Let me know how you go - I'd like to choose the same settings I use for
Lenny (simple login, no splash).

It *is* on my list of things to do - somewhere below stopping the
Quicklaunch applet from flashing :-(


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