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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


On 21/03/11 16:15, Reinhard Mantey wrote:

Perhaps proprietary firmware is the cause of your software problem -
strangely you failed to provide any information about the most likely

Well, thought about that, but that hardware is working fine for over one year
with daily dist-upgrades and even if I boot with debian installer, all disks
are recognized and working.

The real problem is, that the order of the drives changes on every boot, or
let me say - it's indetermined, how the order of drives will be after next

Even in rescue mode things are quite strange. When I i.e. have to select
/dev/sda1 as root device, after opening a shell for that root partition, a cat
/proc/partitions shows the partition as sda1 but a df states, it is /dev/sdd1

So stuff around naming of devices and partitions is quite wired.

As to your main problem, ...

I admit, my main problem is mostly ideologic, but isn't it a rule of debian
stable, that no update will break a running system?
The last update did break my system.

Certainly because your system is not well configured.
The order of the drives is a classical issue that can be easily
fixed by using in /etc/fstab either LABEL or UUID entries rather
than device entries (see fstab(5) for details). A less easy way
is to play with udev. UUID entries can be use in grub too.


So what's wrong with my point of view (beside the fact that I'm too

kind regards


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