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Re: What happened to debian - does "stable" keep having any meaning?


> Perhaps proprietary firmware is the cause of your software problem -
> strangely you failed to provide any information about the most likely
> cause.

Well, thought about that, but that hardware is working fine for over one year 
with daily dist-upgrades and even if I boot with debian installer, all disks 
are recognized and working.

The real problem is, that the order of the drives changes on every boot, or 
let me say - it's indetermined, how the order of drives will be after next 

Even in rescue mode things are quite strange. When I i.e. have to select 
/dev/sda1 as root device, after opening a shell for that root partition, a cat 
/proc/partitions shows the partition as sda1 but a df states, it is /dev/sdd1

So stuff around naming of devices and partitions is quite wired.

> As to your main problem, ...

I admit, my main problem is mostly ideologic, but isn't it a rule of debian 
stable, that no update will break a running system?
The last update did break my system.

So what's wrong with my point of view (beside the fact that I'm too 

kind regards


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