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Re: Revert to lenny's grub

On Wed, 02 Mar 2011 18:39:36 +0200, George wrote:

> After upgrading to squeeze the new grub was chainloading through the old
> one. It was working fine, so I elected to run upgrade-from-grub-legacy.
> After this grub was failing with "Error 15", not even giving me the
> option to press a key to restart. I can boot now using Super Grub Disk.
> I want to revert back to lenny's grub, and not use the new grub from now
> on. How can I do this?

Can you still press "e" to enter into edit menu?

"Error 15" seems to indicate that GRUB2 cannot find some files to boot, 
but maybe this just require you to edit the corresponding kernel's 
"root=" stanza.



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