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Re: Upgrade to 2.6.32-5-amd64 failing miserably

martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach lrhorer <lrhorer@satx.rr.com> [2011.02.02.1748 +0100]:
>>         No, that's the whole point.  It locks up.  It doesn't just
>>         launch the
>> BusyBox shell, awaiting a command.  It doesn't respond to the
>> keyboard.
> So you likely do not have the required USB modules for the keyboard
> in the initramfs. I suggest that you recreate the initramfs after
> changing MODULES="most" in /etc/initramfs/mkinitramfs.conf

        Ah!  Thanks.  That worked.  Well, it got the console working.  Now to
find the problem...

>> I thought I made that clear when I said, "...hangs completely."
>> If that weren't the case, I could have investigated further
>> myself. Without a responding system, though, and no way to save
>> logs, I'm stuck.
> Fair enough, although I doubt that it actually hangs. It just
> doesn't know how to deal with your keyboard.

        I rather suspected that might be the case.  Taking a quick look at
the /dev directory, the drive targets have changed from /hdX to /sdX,
and are now way at the end of the list, rather than "a" and "b". Now
that really shouldn't give mdadm any grief, but I think it is.

        Mdstat and dmadm -D both show all the arrays inactive, but if I try to
assemble them, it says they are all in use.

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