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Re: scrollbar on left side

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 02:55:39PM -0400, Daniel Barclay wrote:
> lee wrote:
> >On Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 11:39:22PM +0200, Andreas Weber wrote:
> >>On 2010-10-21 22:48, lee wrote:
> >>>On a side note: Someone once asked me why the text is moving up when
> >>>you move the scrollbar down. Where´s the logic in that? Why isn´t the
> >>>text moving up together with the scroll bar?
> >>
> >>Seriously? It indicates the position in the document, and so it behaves.
> >
> >Yes, seriously, and I do see the point. You move the text with the
> >scrollbar, so why does the text move into the opposite direction of
> >the scrollbar?
> Because it models moving a _viewer_ (e.g., the far end of binoculars or
> a telescope) down the text rather than moving the _text_ up.
> And the inconsistency causing your "why?" is that the actual viewer
> (the viewport drawn on your screen) is not moving, and instead the
> text is actually moving up.

Yes, and I´m not saying that it isn´t a reasonable assumption that a
viewer is being modeled. But when you don´t think around corners and
instead just observe what happens on the screen (in the window) when
you move the scroll bar down, it doesn´t make sense that the text is
moving up. This behaviour is no more than something a lot of ppl are
used to, and it could be different.

> On http://maps.google.com/, try dragging in the scroller (the smaller
> view in the lower right corner)

Hm, I don´t have that smaller view. Perhaps it depends on the browser
wheather it´s displayed or not.

> If dragging in the middle of the text window scrolled the text in
> the opposite direction, that really would be confusing and very
> backwards.

I´m not sure what you mean. Open a PDF with okular and drag in the
middle of the text window, and the text will move into the same
direction as you move the mouse pointer. Yet the scroll bar moves into
the opposite direction. Isn´t that quite backwards and confusing?

Otherwise, usually the text is being marked when you drag in the
middle of a text window. Useful, but confusing compared to okular. And
I´ve quite a few times found it very annoying that okular moves the
text rather than that you could mark it so that you can paste it
somewhere else, as you can with xpdf.

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