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Re: Communicating with USB Modem

On Sat, 09 Oct 2010 15:29:40 -0400, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> On Oct 9, 2010, at 12:44 PM, Camaleón wrote:


>> Bufff... as per this doc¹ you could try "sl-modem" package from
>> non-free repo (it seems that your device -SV92U2- uses the "Scorpio"
>> chipset) but prepare for the worst ;-(
>> OTOH, LSI (the owner company of Agere) states that the modem supports
>> Linux, so you can ask them for a driver :-?
>> ¹ http://www.modemsite.com/56k/lucentamr.asp
> I had a reference, and now I can't find the darned link, to it working
> on Linux, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it -- unless I had a bunch of
> tabs open when I was researching modems at Newegg and hit "add to cart"
> on the wrong one -- which could happen.

I can give you at least one reference (the manufacture's tech. specs):


(page 5)

– SV92U2: USB 2.0 device controller, 48-pin TQFP Stack Bus


OS support: Win98SE/2000/ME, WinXP, WinXP 64-bit, Vista (Native Support), 
and Linux

If that is indeed your device, don't give up so easily :-) Just try with 
"sl-modem" drivers or ask LSI/Agere for advice, it could work.

> I can't remember where (so it could have been the manufacturer's site),
> but there was one place I read that if it's USB, it had to use the Hayes
> command set and would work on anything, but Brad's link to TLDP shows
> that wrong.  Next time when I see positives on something like that, I'll
> look for the flip side, just in case.
> I've already ordered one from NewEgg that has several reviewers saying
> they're using it on Linux.

When it comes to modems and linux, the only way to hit the right device 
is by using a RS-232 modem. No drivers needed and straight-forward setup 
for all kind of services (dial-up connection, fax facility...).

Yes, yes... I know. Serial port is a scarce resource in modern 
motherboards and n[eo]tbook computers ;-(



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