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Re: Communicating with USB Modem

On Oct 9, 2010, at 12:44 PM, Camaleón wrote:

> On Sat, 09 Oct 2010 11:39:49 -0400, Hal Vaughan wrote:
>> On Oct 9, 2010, at 7:24 AM, Camaleón wrote:
>>> Don't go nuts with this. Just plug the modem, open a console, type
>>> "dmesg | grep -i usb" and put the result here (for very long logs,
>>> upload the result to "www.pastebin.com" or any service like that) :-)
>> As you and Ron suggested.  It's the last device.  No errors, and
>> remember it showed up in /proc/bus/usb/devices and looked okay (I
>> numbered the lines in the output from grep):
> (...)
>> 285:[    2.485485] usb 1-1: New USB device found,idVendor=047e, idProduct=2892 
>> 286:[    2.485488] usb 1-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=0 
>> 287:[    2.485490] usb 1-1: Product: Agere USB2.0 V.92 SoftModem 
>> 288:[    2.485491] usb 1-1:> Manufacturer: Agere Systems
> There you got it. It's an Agere soft modem.
> Bufff... as per this doc¹ you could try "sl-modem" package from non-free 
> repo (it seems that your device -SV92U2- uses the "Scorpio" chipset) but 
> prepare for the worst ;-(
> OTOH, LSI (the owner company of Agere) states that the modem supports Linux, 
> so you can ask them for a driver :-?
> ¹ http://www.modemsite.com/56k/lucentamr.asp

I had a reference, and now I can't find the darned link, to it working on Linux, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it -- unless I had a bunch of tabs open when I was researching modems at Newegg and hit "add to cart" on the wrong one -- which could happen.

I can't remember where (so it could have been the manufacturer's site), but there was one place I read that if it's USB, it had to use the Hayes command set and would work on anything, but Brad's link to TLDP shows that wrong.  Next time when I see positives on something like that, I'll look for the flip side, just in case.

I've already ordered one from NewEgg that has several reviewers saying they're using it on Linux.



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