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Re: [Solved ??? Please do not follow web resources without checking]: Scim and iceweasel

On 17/07/10 02:38 PM, Michelle Konzack wrote:
at the readme file also made me recall wondering in the past as to
why the heck do the kind of things like the following still remain,
"...There is one limitation in SCIM, that you must tell SCIM the
UTF-8 locale you want to use SCIM in..." *Must* I? If I *must*, and
this has been like this for quite a while, why can't the package
installer just ask for a default locale during installation?

Because each user can have a different UTF-8 locale and seting it global
can habve nexpected results?

(sorry for resurrecting this a bit stale thread).
Couldn't this be solved by defaulting to the current locale when scim starts as a user logs in? If I am not mistaken, the SupportedUnicodeLocales line can take multiple locales. So one method could be that scim set the variable for the user (the first time it is started perhaps) to all the locales installed on the system if the previous option (of setting it to the user's locale only) is not feasible.



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