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[Solved] Re: Scim and iceweasel

On 12/07/10 01:50 PM, H.S. wrote:
> On 06/07/10 05:53 PM, Lisi wrote:
>> I may not have time to do this tomorrow - and must get myself to bed now 
>> before I fall asleep at the keyboard.  :-(   But I'll do it in the 
>> foreseeable future.
>> Lisi
> I just reinstalled my system (replace a faulty hard disk). Regarding
> scim, I installed these:
>  dpkg -l '*s[ck]im*' | grep ^i
> ii  libscim8c2a                              1.4.9-2
>        library for SCIM platform
> ii  libskim0                                 1.4.5-4.1
>        skim runtime library
> ii  scim                                     1.4.9-2
>        smart common input method platform
> ii  scim-bridge-agent                        0.4.16-2
>        IME server of scim-bridge communicate with S
> ii  scim-bridge-client-gtk                   0.4.16-2
>        IME server of scim-bridge communicate with S
> ii  scim-gtk2-immodule                       1.4.9-2
>        GTK+2 input method module with SCIM as backe
> ii  scim-m17n                                0.2.3-1
>        M17N Input Method Engine for SCIM
> ii  scim-modules-socket                      1.4.9-2
>        socket modules for SCIM platform
> ii  skim                                     1.4.5-4.1
>        smart common input method platform for KDE
> Now I have the skim applet on my KDE panel but I am not able to switch
> the languages. I have done no other modifications in any files though. I
> was hoping that using scim (in KDE, using skim?) would be quite
> straightforward. Could you show some insights on how to get it to work
> in KDE, hopefully without having to edit any text files?

On a newly installed amd64 Testing system, it was quite simple to get
scim working in KDE.

I installed the following packages: scim, scim-tables,
scim-tables-additional (other tables may need to be intalled depending
on what layout one requires), followed by the corresponding ttf fonts.

If I started scim now (using "scim -d" command), I could get the gray
keyboard icon on the KDE panel but no choice of input by left clicking
on it.

Next, based on
http://lorenzod8n.wordpress.com/2008/01/17/setting-up-scim-on-debian/, I
put these lines in my ~/.bashrc:
#for scim
export XMODIFIERS='@im=SCIM'
export GTK_IM_MODULE="scim"
export QT_IM_MODULE="scim"

Then I killed all the currently running scim process (list them by "ps
aux | grep scim" and kill them all).

Then I sourced the .bashrc file (to set the variables; you could also
just relogin) from a terminal and restarted scim (from the same
terminal) using:
$> scim -d

After a few seconds the gray keyboard icon appeared on my KDE panel and
I was able to get a list of input methods by left-clicking on it.

The surprising thing was that installing skim froze my logging in to
KDE. After entering my password on the log in screen, the desktop never
appeared, the login process appears to hang. I remove skim after that
and was able to log in to KDE in the normal manner.

In short, installing and running scim on Debian is just a matter
installed scim, the relevant tables, the relevant fonts, and setting the
three variables in ~/.bashrc and restarting scim in daemon mode.


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