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Re: qemu or qemu-kvm for kvm in squeeze

Mark Allums wrote:
Sorry, there is some (more) confusion. I was referring to the original post, which seemed to me to be about a completely different topic.

Are we reading the same original post?

"Hi. I have been wondering what is the difference between qemu and qemu-kvm packages for kvm virtualization. Manual page in qemu packages shows, that it should be able to work with kvm. Uncle google is silent about this."

I thought it was pretty clear.


In short, there are lots of choices for Debian beside QEMU.  Consider them.


I don't think there is a significant difference between the two packages anymore; you can choose which to use based on convenience rather than performance.

Gee, don't add some more confusion :-)
kvm is qemu-kvm
Soon, qemu will include qemu-kvm code.

So, in the end, qemu = qemu-kvm = kvm. Talking about Debian userspace utilities packages only, of course - using qemu without the kvm kernel subsystem will be different than using qemu alone.


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