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Re: /boot partition changes when it should not

Clive McBarton wrote:
thib wrote:
maybe it would be acceptable to ask for a new little switch.
Or hack ext3.

Ask who? The maintainers of tune2fs? The maintainers of ext3? Both will
say what I already know, that manually mounting and unmounting an ext3
partition read-only does not modify it in any way whatsoever, so the
problem lies with whatever modifies my partition (boot process).

I would have thought the filesystem itself would increment its mount count but now I don't know how I could be so sure. Well, ask the developers of whatever is touching it. If noboby knows, that will require some code digging.

Storing many checksums (one for each file) takes a storage mechanism to
write them to. Storing just one can be done in your head.

How about storing a hash of all the hashes?


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