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Re: qemu or qemu-kvm for kvm in squeeze

On 3/8/2010 6:41 AM, Martin Kraus wrote:
On Sun, Mar 07, 2010 at 09:58:43PM -0600, Mark Allums wrote:
Earlier, I wrote what I think was a confusing reply to this.


o QEMU is emulation.
o Virtualbox is Full virtualization.
o QEMU+KVM is a funny beast, it is paravirtualization with kernel
virtualization, you need hardware CPU support for it
o kqemu is a kernel module accelerator with kernel virtualization,
no hardware support needed, but it gives poor speed.

QEMU more-or-less has KVM built into it since about version 0.10.

Wikipedia has a lot of articles about virtualization, so I would go
there for more.

Go with Virtualbox unless you have some special need.

Hi. I think you misunderstood my question. I'm trying to switch from xen to
kvm, because xen just doesn't work on that particular server. QEMU provides
emulation for IO and uses KVM for memory/cpu virtualization. In Debian
Squeeze, there are two packages for qemu, one named qemu, the other qemu-kvm.
Both are based on version 0.11.1 of qemu and both supposedly support kvm.

My question is, why there are two apparently identical qemu packages. Which
one should I use with kvm.


This is a better question, and will get better replies. My replies were general, and you had something specific in mind. It pays to be specific. I can tell you about virt tech, though in my scatterbrained way, I will misuse the terminology. But, I am not as familiar with QEMU w.r.t. *Debian*. I should have let someone else answer.

I still say, use Virtualbox instead.

Mrk Allums

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