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Re: how to put packages on hold -- permanently

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 8:41 PM, Consultores Agropecuarios
<consultores1@gmail.com> wrote:
> El mié, 30-12-2009 a las 00:20 +0100, Robert David escribió:
>> Did you consider using aptitude as your main package manager?? It will solve
>> these problems easily. I just hold packages that I need to be hold and
>> aptitude works great.
>> I dont understand why so many people today use pure apt-get for everyday
>> package management.
>> Robert.
> I prefer apt-get and dselect, because they are simply clear. As example,
> aptitude used the command # aptitude upgrade, but now it is aptitude
> safe-upgrade; it is absolutely absurd, because the word "safe" can have
> any meaning except safe! if i use safe-upgrade, it installs buggy
> packages, then where is the safe-upgrade?
safe-upgrade == aptitude won't install any new package, only will
upgrade your packages to newer versions when it won't require
installing new dependencies, which are less buggy generally than

aptitude curses interface help you when you have many versions of the
same package to choose the version and its deppends. Browsing packages
there, is a great feature , you can sort packages with any criterion.
You can also browse between various solutions if no one is the frankly

With aptitude you can search even by maintainer, upgradable packages
or many other criteria [1]

> Another example is when i use apt-buglist or something similar; aptitude
> offers me many unclear options, and the most options offered are totally
> unclear.
Reporting whishlist level bugs about that 'unclear' options could help
to improve these options descriptions

[1] http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/projects/aptitude/doc/en/ch02s03s05.html

PD: Of course you can play minesweeper too :) :

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