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Re: how to put packages on hold -- permanently

El mié, 30-12-2009 a las 00:20 +0100, Robert David escribió:
> Did you consider using aptitude as your main package manager?? It will solve 
> these problems easily. I just hold packages that I need to be hold and 
> aptitude works great. 
> I dont understand why so many people today use pure apt-get for everyday 
> package management.
> Robert.

I prefer apt-get and dselect, because they are simply clear. As example,
aptitude used the command # aptitude upgrade, but now it is aptitude
safe-upgrade; it is absolutely absurd, because the word "safe" can have
any meaning except safe! if i use safe-upgrade, it installs buggy
packages, then where is the safe-upgrade? 

Another example is when i use apt-buglist or something similar; aptitude
offers me many unclear options, and the most options offered are totally
unclear. In short, i am not able to spend my time learning aptitude in
detail; i prefer simplicity, "Keep it simple stupid" 

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