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Re: how to put packages on hold -- permanently

Did you consider using aptitude as your main package manager?? It will solve 
these problems easily. I just hold packages that I need to be hold and 
aptitude works great. 

I dont understand why so many people today use pure apt-get for everyday 
package management.


Dne Út 29. prosince 2009 23:21:51 Lukas Ruf napsal(a):
> Dear all
> Some packges, for example nano, tasksel, aptitude or
> texlive-pstricks-doc, I do not want to have installed.
> However, when I set them on hold by
>   echo nano hold | dpkg --set-selections
>   echo tasksel hold | dpkg --set-selections
>   echo aptitude  hold | dpkg --set-selections
>   echo texlive-pstricks-doc hold | dpkg --set-selections
> the hold-settings are ignored by dselect or by apt-get.
> Is there anywhere a setting that I can make dselect and apt-get obey
> to my hold-settings permanently?
> Thanks
> wbr,
> Lukas

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