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Re: how to put packages on hold -- permanently

On 2009-12-30 21:46 +0100, Javier Barroso wrote:

> safe-upgrade == aptitude won't install any new package, only will
> upgrade your packages to newer versions when it won't require
> installing new dependencies, which are less buggy generally than
> older.

Sorry, this is completely wrong.  Actually the reason for naming this
command safe-upgrade rather than upgrade is that it _will_ install new
dependencies, and it will also remove automatically installed packages
that are no longer needed.  What it will not do is to remove packages
that are marked as manually installed.

Actually this behavior is exactly what I want, as this handles most
transitions just fine without having to resort to the full-upgrade
(= dist-upgrade) command that can remove important packages if you're
not careful.


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