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Re: debian whitelist, posts that never show up and long delays

On Saturday 17 October 2009 11:49:36 Nick Lidakis wrote:
> I seem to be having some trouble with my posts on this list lately.
> I have no trouble sending mail to my gmail account or myself at my
> verizon.net address; they show up instantaneously.
> My Veriozn ISP, in a move to combat spam, has recently required users
> to send mail to port 587 instead of 25. I am a new mutt user using
> Debian sid with ssmtp.
> In my muttrc I have:
> set sendmail="/usr/sbin/ssmtp -au nlidakis@verizon.net -p 587 -ap
> $password"

  I am also a Verizon customer, and my (possibly mangled) understanding
of the situation is:

  - If you're using Verizon's mail servers as your SMTP hosts,
    you can use port 25, and/but you must authenticate, and you
    must use a "verizon.net" or "bellatlantic.net" from-address.

  - If you are using a third-party mail server outside of the 
    verizon.net domain, and using SMTP to connect, then port 25 is 
    blocked, and you must use port 587 to connect to these systems.
    Allowed "from" addresses and authentication requirements depend 
    on the server.

  - If you're using a web-mail client (e.g. for gmail or yahoo
    or whatever), then, again, no configuration changes are 
    required, since all the SMTP action is outside of Verizon's

  You don't say what mail relay your ssmtp command is configured
to use, but if it's "outgoing.verizon.net", then you can probably
continue to use port 25 without difficulty, since you clearly
have a Verizon address.
  I use kmail on Debian "lenny", and send mail via authenticated
ESMTP on port 25 to outgoing.verizon.net, and it's working fine.

  It's remotely possible I'm misconfigured and will be sorry when
the switch-over hits, but I read the instructions carefully, I think
I'm OK.

  			-- A.
Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net

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