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Re: usb-key files locked by unknown

Well, it's nothing to do with issues with mounting.  It simply is
broken, I've discovered.  It gave warnings like "FAT panic -- opening
FAT as read only".  I tried to reformat it with qtparted, which at first
seemed to work, but then it truly broke.  So, time to get a new one.

My mom, who uses an old DOS 286 (with WordPerfect 5.1), has some five
and a quarter inch floppies (the ones that actually were floppy) and
these still work.  It seems the newer things get, the quicker they
break.  Archeologists years from now will find her solid 286 machine,
still working, and will study Leisure Suit Larry for clues about our
civilization (which, frankly, is as accurate a portrayal as any). 


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