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Re: debian whitelist, posts that never show up and long delays

On 20091017_220600, Andrew Reid wrote:
> On Saturday 17 October 2009 11:49:36 Nick Lidakis wrote:
> > I seem to be having some trouble with my posts on this list lately.
> > I have no trouble sending mail to my gmail account or myself at my
> > verizon.net address; they show up instantaneously.
> >
> > My Veriozn ISP, in a move to combat spam, has recently required users
> > to send mail to port 587 instead of 25. I am a new mutt user using
> > Debian sid with ssmtp.


I have a question about Debian whitelist that was prompted by this thread.
Am I on the whitelist? I googled to find out how to find the answer.
The hits that I got all seemed to be rather old and likely out of date.
Is Debian whitelist an active part of Debian in year 2009? Does a user
need to be listed in it in order to get questions posted promptly?
The reason I ask is that I can't remember ever having inserted my name
onto the list, and all my problems with the list seem to have been not
with Debian, but with my ISP. Or maybe I'm fooling myself and Debian is
really at fault.


Paul E Condon           

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