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debian whitelist, posts that never show up and long delays

I seem to be having some trouble with my posts on this list lately.
I have no trouble sending mail to my gmail account or myself at my
verizon.net address; they show up instantaneously.

My Veriozn ISP, in a move to combat spam, has recently required users
to send mail to port 587 instead of 25. I am a new mutt user using
Debian sid with ssmtp. 

In my muttrc I have:

set sendmail="/usr/sbin/ssmtp -au nlidakis@verizon.net -p 587 -ap

I also subscribed to the Debian whitelist as per the instructions here:
ect=ed.28ornevershowup.29 and received confirmation. 

I have tried to respond to this thread over six times with only one
post actually making through, although taking about 4 hours to show up:
OT question about sound cards/chip-sets and high-end music systems

It took one try (but several hours to sho up)to reply to this thread:
Could you recommend CD/DVD writer program?

Here's hoping this post shows up...

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