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Re: debian whitelist, posts that never show up and long delays

>   - If you're using Verizon's mail servers as your SMTP hosts,
>     you can use port 25, and/but you must authenticate, and you
>     must use a "verizon.net" or "bellatlantic.net" from-address.
>   - If you are using a third-party mail server outside of the 
>     verizon.net domain, and using SMTP to connect, then port 25 is 
>     blocked, and you must use port 587 to connect to these systems.
>     Allowed "from" addresses and authentication requirements depend 
>     on the server.

Ok. Thanks for that info.

>   - If you're using a web-mail client (e.g. for gmail or yahoo
>     or whatever), then, again, no configuration changes are 
>     required, since all the SMTP action is outside of Verizon's
>     network.

Yes. My Gmail account has been working without issue.

>   You don't say what mail relay your ssmtp command is configured
> to use, but if it's "outgoing.verizon.net", then you can probably
> continue to use port 25 without difficulty, since you clearly
> have a Verizon address.

It is outgoing.verizon.net, and I removed the 587 port option so 
hopefully this email makes the list. 

Thanks for the info.

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