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Re: 2.6.30 (Squeeze): no hda1 no sda1

> Thanks Paul. I think I tried to edit /etc/fstab using vi from busybox but
> when I invoked it the file came up empty and there was a read-only
> indication somewhere.
That's probably because your editing the fstab that exists only in the
minimal kernel shipping with the ramdisk (hopefully I have that
right...). At least that's what you get if you just vi /etc/fstab.

/# mkdir temproot
/# mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /temproot
# cd /temproot/etc/
/temproot/etc/# nano fstab (or vi fstab whatever you wish)

To summarize you would first create a mount point and then do the
mount manually. From there you can edit the real fstab and do some
other things using chroot etc. I did this recently on an install to
complete a grub install that was failing by invoking aptitude and
update-grub with chroot from within the busybox shell provided by the
installer. Really opened my eyes to what one could do with busybox as
I'd never had a need before!

> I understand what you're saying but up to now, using the root=UUID=xxxxxx
> does not work but I have not done that when I have ALSO changed the fstab
> designation to the UUID. I can try that but I'll have to check on the syntax
> for specifying UUID in the fstab file.

Hadn't thought of passing the UUID as a boot option. Not sure that the
fstab would be any better/different.

> What's funny is that Sidux, using 2.6.30 finds the hard drive with no
> problem at /dev/sda1 and yet Squeeze with 2.6.30 can't find it there. The
> only kernel-specific driver I'm using now is for my ancient webcam, gspca,
> which is certainly not critical for the kernel to function normally. It
> remains a mystery.
> cheers,

Maybe purge the linux-image and reinstall? Perhaps something went
wrong on install?

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